Navigating the Adventure of Relationship

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Relationships are at the core of being human. We need other people, it’s that simple. We live in relation to everything and everyone in our environment.

According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the quality of our health and well-being—even our lifespan directly correlates to the quality of our relationships.

And yet, so many of us struggle to feel anchored and alive in our closest relationships. Especially as they deepen over time. Why is this?

The divorce rate soars, prescription medication use and addiction is higher than ever and more people are checking out to survive instead of being present, engaged and fully rocking at life.

If the path you are on isn’t working for you, it’s never too late to pivot, change course and try a new trail.

Are you ready?


I offer individual coaching in the context of relationships. Past, present or future—single or partnered— we'll use the practice of relationship as a path toward self-awareness, healing and personal growth. Meetings take place virtually or locally.

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What Is a Relationship Coach?

My role as your Relationship Coach, is first and foremost, to help you create and experience secure and authentic connection while reaching toward your relationship goals.

Blending skilled support and goal driven, action oriented challenge, my coaching combined with your desire and commitment to do the work will create new opportunities for confidence and closeness in all areas of your relationship life.

  • Together we will investigate your beliefs around relationships, conflict, love and intimacy.

  • We’ll explore and practice new ways of communicating with ourselves and others.

  • You’ll discover how to articulate your boundaries, needs and values to yourself and in your closest relationships.

  • You will step into taking more responsibility for yourself as we work together to look at how things are in your life vs. how you wish they were, and co-create a plan to close that gap.

These skills coupled with your dedication to practice will create a solid foundation as you learn to be completely yourself and deeply connected to others at the same time.

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Leah Gartner

Relationship Coach

“If you want a great relationship, you’ll need to make the relationship a top priority in your life and back up your desire with daily, consistent action.” ~Jayson Gaddis

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