Frequently Asked Questions


“Our only two choices are fear and love when you boil it all down.” ~Alexandra Solomon

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I’m single. Is this work for me?

Yes! If connection is important to you, whether you are partnered or single, you are in the right place. The path of relationship extends beyond our romantic lives— and impacts everyone we are in (or have ever been in) relationship with.

What is the Relationship School®?

My teacher and mentor, Jayson Gaddis, is on a mission to bring relational education to as many people as he can reach. The Relationship School ® is his project based in Boulder, Colorado and where I did my professional coach’s training.

When, where and how do we meet?

We’ll meet as often as our schedules allow. If you are local, we can talk in person at my office or out on the trails. If we aren’t in the same area, we will meet virtually on a video call